Popsicle fanzine is dedicated to those wonderful Lemon Popsicle films written by the legendary BOAZ DAVIDSON and starring ZACHI NOY, JONATHAN SAGALL, YIFTACH KATZUR, AVI HADASH, RACHEL STEINER, ARIELA RUBINOWICH, MENASHE WARSHAVSKY & DVORA KEIDAR!!


Popsicle fanzine was published twice a year during its 17 year history and featured interviews with most of the Lemon Popsicle stars!!


Popsicle fanzine also focuses on the U.S. remake Last American Virgin, which starred DIANE FRANKLIN, LAWRENCE MONOSON, JOE RUBBO, STEVE ANTIN and KIMMY ROBERTSON!


All 38 issues are available as pdf files plus a bonus 100 page 'Interviews Special' edition - all copies are FREE!!


To order ALL issues of Popsicle fanzine simply send an email to Roy Mitchell at popsicleape@gmail.com or click on the link below to download a document containing the links to all issues -



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